We provide you end to end solutions for your Laboratory.


To support your research and development, we provide you a good quality analytical instrument from reputable manufacturer. Please find our good products on this link, and send your inquiry to this.

After Sales Service

We believe that your instrument is your investment. To protect and also to repair your instrument(s), please contact our After Sales Service Department or send your inquiry to this.

Spare Part

We make sure that your instrument should be works very well. Our service engineer will help you to check and recommend any spare part needed for your instrument.

People Development

We believe that peope is the main asset for your company or institution. To develop people skill and knowledge in your company, please contact us. Our Business Development will contact you back.

Please visit our website here.


To maintain the quality of your instrument, we suggest you to calibrate your instrument frequently. Please contact us to make sure your instrument works well.

Lab Furniture

Our Lab Furniture is designed and manufactured to provide a durable furniture. We supplies and installs high quality laboratory furniture. Please contact us to get consultancy from our staff.

Please find our design examples here.


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